Seachtain na Gaeilge (Irish Speaking Week)

Anyone out there who is keen to speak Irish? Why not take a few lessons like I’ve been doing recently. Although my level of Irish is pure beginners as I haven’t spoken any since I was at school, I now have some words and phrases which I’ve been practising. Conus tá tú? How are you? The reply is Tá mé go mhait. I am well.  Just simple words. So now I have two phrases and Slán leat. Goodbye to you. Even to drop an odd word into conversation is nice to remind us that we are Irish and have our own language. There are some free classes you can take online as well and these are quite good, although you have to be disciplined about logging on and doing a few minutes every day if you can.

So Go néirí on bothair leat!  GOOD LUCK!