The art of Writing a Book

I must write. I have to write. Characters fly around my head and bring their personalities to bear on my mind. They want to do this. They want to do that. I let them take over. My books evolve. I start with an idea. A person. Give him or her a career. A background. And go for it.

Sometimes I get a tiny seed from reading a news item, or listening to the radio, and then it takes root, and grows. Fleshed out with my own thoughts. Usually I don’t have any plans about the next book. The one I’m writing at the moment is coming to an end but I’m not even sure exactly how it will finally finish.

I love this part of writing a book. Bringing it all to a conclusion is the most exciting part of creating a story. The ending is not always tied up in a bow. Some endings are quite obvious, others are slightly more vague and it’s left up to the reader to decide on which they would like.