How do I fundraise for LauraLynn

Blog 7.2.2019.

To know more about LauraLynn Children’s Hospice have a look at the article about fundraising which appeared  in  the Southside People on 30th January, 2019. You can catch it online. Why not think of how you can help LauraLynn.  As Spring is upon us, maybe you might host a coffee morning and ask all your friends to come along and bring some delicious sweet things. Get out there on the golf course and swing a club and play eighteen holes for LauraLynn.  What about a St. Patrick’s Day family gathering in the green and gold with music and dancing? Maybe a quiz night might sharpen our brains and make us work just a bit harder. So gather around and answer a few questions. And as the days are growing longer, and everyone is out there walking, running and cycling to keep fit, so practise for LauraLynn and get together and plan some events. LauraLynn  needs your support. It doesn’t matter how small or big your donation is. All donations provide vital care for Ireland’s sickest children and their families.